A purrfect companion for you

About The British Shorthair

British Shorthair cats are loyal, friendly, intelligent, kind, companiable and make a purrfect addition to family life.

British Shorthairs are everything you would want from a family cat: Loving, fun, campaniable, affectionate without being demanding, well mannered, good natured, and beautiful.

Breed Type:

British Shorthair cats are sometimes known as the "British Blue", but the breed actually comes in many colours, patterns & markings. The British Shorthair is a medium to large sized cat. The body is sturdy & muscular, and often described as "cobby". The head is large and round with small ears set wide apart. The jaws are broad, bite is level. The coat is short, dense & plush. The legs are heavy boned, short with round paws. The tail is short and thick, the tail tip is rounded.

British Shorthair Temperament:

British Shorthairs are good natured and amiable. As kittens they are playful, until adulthood when British Shorthairs tend to be less active than other breeds. They are a fairly independent breed of cat & are happy to amuse themselves. But prefer to be doing things with the family. They are not a vocal cat.

Words used to describe the British Shorthair include: Calm, affable, intelligent, quiet, companiable and loving.

Special Requirements:

British Shorthairs are a very low maintenance breed. A weekly brush will remove any loose hairs from the coat. They are a hardy, generally healthy breed.

Suitable For:

Due to their easygoing, laid back nature, they get along with children & other pets, and make ideal companions. British Shorthairs are happy to live indoors, and tend not to roam too far from the home.

History Of The Breed:

The British Shorthairs of today are believed to be the descendants of domestic cats brought to Britain by the Romans. However the earliest references to "blue cats" are found in French literature as early as the 16th century and known as Chartreux cats. These cats were understood to have been companions to the Carthusian monks, protecting the grain stores for the monastery.

Harrison Weir, who wrote the first comprehensive book on cats in 1889 gave British Shorthairs the most prominent place in his book. In fact, until the turn of the century, the British Shorthair was the most popular breed of cat at the London Crystal Palace cat shows.

From careful and selective breeding the breed standards have ensured that the best physical characteristics and temperament have been maintained and enhanced and that registered shorthairs conform to a set standard.

British Shorthairs are well suited the modern busy lifestyle. They are calm, and quiet, affectionate, without being demanding and make the perfect addition to a household.