A purrfect companion for you

Caring for Your Kittens

Kittens will need plenty of attention particularly in the first few days in their new home. We would advise that someone is with them as constantly as possible.

Kittens also need plenty of sleep, so providing a quiet place for them to rest, is important for their development and growth.

Often the idea of having a kitten is more idealistic than the reality. It is a long-term commitment and consideration should be given to both the time involved and the cost. Aside from the initial outlay of purchasing a kitten, feeding, vet insurance, and the cost of cattery fees when you are not at home should also be considered.

Kittens love trouble! So spending some time kitten proofing the home before your new arrival can save anguish later. Electrical cables behind TV’s and mobile phone chargers are particularly tasty and fun. Toilets are great places to play, but unfortunately kittens can’t swim!